WYPOSAŻENIEThe calibration laboratory is equipped with high-precision measuring equipment including, among others:
  • horizontal metroscope ,
  • micrometer heads,
  • precision IR calibrators,
  • climatic chamber,
  • gauge block comparator,
  • thermocouple furnace,
  • ring gauges,
  • angle gauge blocks,
  • gauge blocks,
  • black granite surface plates,
  • high precision level and digital protractor,
  • torque wrench calibration equipment,
  • adhesion testers calibration equipment,
  • vertical metroscope.
Wzorcowanie„Operation that, under specified conditions, in a first step, establishes a relation between the quantity values with measurement uncertainties provided by measurement standards and corresponding indications with associated measurement uncertainties and, in a second step, uses this information to establish a relation for obtaining a measurement result from an indication” – VIM, 2008r.
Adiustacja“Set of operations carried out on a measuring system so that it provides prescribed indications corresponding to given values of a quantity to be measured” – VIM, 2008

It should be noted that calibration is frequently mistaken with adjustment which has a completely different purpose. The adjustment is performed in order to regulate a measuring device so that it yields the readings which are as close to the real values as possible. Having performed the adjustment it is necessary to re-calibrate the device.
Calibration of pressure measuring instruments in tenslab calibtration laboratory
CisnienieThe Calibration Laboratory is equipped with high-precision standard pressure gauges and pressure transducers which allows precise calibration of manometers, manovacuometers and pressure transducers within the range of -0.1 MPa to 70 MPa. The pressure is set using a pneumatic hydraulic pump. Due to the fact that professional measurement equipment is used, the Laboratory calibrates pressure gauges operating in a variety of working media: oil, water, air and alcohol. Pressure gauges are used, for example, to monitor pressure in various types of tanks and systems. The following groups of devices can be calibrated at our facility:
• digital pressure gauges,
• spring pressure gauges,
• pressure transducers.
digital pressure gauge    (-0,1÷70) MPa 
spring pressure gauge class ≥1
spring pressure gauge class. <1
pressure transducer
Calibration of manual torque tools in tenslab calibration laboratory
Moment Siły

The Calibration Laboratory is equipped with high-precision equipment for calibrating manual torque tools in a wide range of torque. Torque wrenches and screwdrivers are used, among others in shipyards and automotive workshops. The calibration certificate issued by the laboratory contains the information regarding the actual torque setting.

Using a torque tool with an unknown actual torque setting may result in tearing off the head of the tightened or loosened bolt or deformation of the joined elements. . Manual torque tools can be calibrated in one or two directions. There are two groups of hand-held torque tools calibrated in our laboratory: torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers.


torque wrench (0,4÷3000) Nm
torque screwdriver (0,4÷3000) Nm
Calibration of temperature and relative humidity measuring instruments in tenslab calibration laboratory
Temperatura i wilgotnoscThe Calibration Laboratory employs a professionally trained group of specialists and is equipped with high-precision measuring instruments for the most accurate measurement of temperature and relative humidity: thermometers, hygrometers, thermo-hygrometers and pyrometers used in heavy industry, food industry, laboratories and for private needs.
Calibration Laboratory calibrates measuring instruments such as:
• hygrometers,
• thermo-hygrometers,
• contactless thermometers (pyrometers),
• digital thermometers,
• analogue thermometers.
(10÷95)°C (20÷90)%
contactless thermometer (pyrometer)
digital thermometer, analogue thermometer
(in bath calibrator)
digital thermometer
(in a dry block calibrator)
digital thermometers, analogue thermometer
(in a climatic chamber)
Calibration of DC and AC electrical measuring instruments in tenslab calibration laboratory
Wielkosci elektryczneThe Calibration Laboratory employs qualified personnel and is equipped with precision electrical values calibrators allowing the calibration of the various types of electrical measuring instruments up to 4 ½ digits and electric network testers. These devices are used, among others, for checking the faultless operation of electronic systems and components, control of electrical network parameters, control of the network connection of machines and devices,, monitoring the condition of the insulation and parameters of current and voltage used, for example, in welding. Calibration includes the measurements of the following parameters:
• constant voltage,
• alternating voltage,
• direct current,
• alternating current,
• resistance,
• frequency,
• temperature (thermocouple simulation),
• loop impedance measurement,
• measurement of insulation resistance and measuring voltage,
• measurement of trip time and RCD tripping current,
• measurement of continuity of a circuit.

analogue universal measuring instrument

VDC (0÷±1050) V
IDC (0÷±22) A
VAC 1 mV÷1050 V 10 Hz÷20 kHz
IAC 10 µA÷22 A 20 Hz÷1 kHz
R 10 Ω÷10 GΩ
F 0,1 Hz÷10 MHz
digital multimeter and clamp meter
VDC (0÷±1050) V
IDC (0÷±22) A (cęgi do 1100 A)
VAC 1 mV÷1050 V 10 Hz÷20 kHz
IAC 10 µA÷22 A 20 Hz÷1 kHz [clamp meter up to 1100 A, (45÷90) Hz]
R 10 Ω÷10 GΩ
F 0,1 Hz÷10 MHz

panel measuring instrument (single-range)


VDC (0÷±1050) V
IDC (0÷±22) A
VAC 1 mV÷1050 V 10 Hz÷20 kHz
IAC 10 µA÷22 A 20 Hz÷1 kHz
R 10 Ω÷10 GΩ
F 0,1 Hz÷10 MHz

electrical network parameter tester

loop impedance measurement
50 mΩ÷1,8 kΩ

measurement of insulation resistance
50 Ω÷1950 Ω
1 MΩ÷2 GΩ
(measuring voltage 1000V)

tA (10÷2000) ms
IA (6÷2500) mA

measurement of continuity of a circuit
0,1 Ω÷10 kΩ

Calibration of geometric measurement instruments (length and angle) in tenslab calibration laboratory
Długość i kąt

The Calibration Laboratory is equipped with high-precision measuring equipment such as horizontal metroscope, gauge blocks comparator, class K gauge blocks, angle gauge blocks, vertical metroscope. The equipment allows to calibrate measuring instruments such as:

• lever dial indicator,
• digital comparator gauge,
• dial comparator gauge,
• laser rangefinder
• depth micrometer,
• depth gauge,
• micrometer head,
• protractor,
• framing square,
• bevel edge square,
• caliper gauge,
• coating thickness gauge,
• indicating micrometer,
• inside micrometer,
• outside micrometer,
• ring gauge,
• gauge block,
• spirit level,
• digital protractor,
• precision spirit level,
• precision frame spirit level,
• semi-flexible rule,
• tape rule,
• weld gauge,
• ring thread gauge,
• plug thread gauge,
• plug gauge,
• caliper,
• feeler,
• bore gauge,
• tubular inside micrometer,
• holtest,
• wire gauge,
• vertical metroscope,
• micrometer setting standard,
• step block.

Measurement instruments calibrated within the range of length and angle are used in quality control departments, factory metrological laboratories, automotive workshops, in locksmith shops, at construction sites, in industry and in households.


lever dial indicator
up to 0,80 mm 
comparator gauge
up to 10 mm
dial comparator gauge
up to 50 mm
laser rangefinder
up to 30 m
depth micrometer
up to 300 mm
depth gauge
up to 300 mm
micrometer head
up to 50 mm
bevel edge square
up to 300 mm
caliper gauge
coating thickness gauge
up to 1895 μm 
indicating micrometer
up to 300 mm
inside micrometer
up to 50 mm
outside micrometer
up to 1000 mm
ring gauge
up to ø 125 mm
gauge block
up to 100 mm
spirit level
digital protractor
precision spirit level
up to 0,02 mm/m
precision frame spirit level
up to 0,02 mm/m
semi-flexible rule
up to 3 m
tape rule
up to 30 m
weld gauge
ring thread gauge
plug thread gauge
plug gauge
up to 1500 mm
up to 1 mm
bore gauge
tubular inside micrometer
up to 100 mm
wire gauge
vertical metroscope
micrometer setting standard
up to 975 mm
step block
Calibration of instruments used in anti-corrosion protection processes
pull off adhesion test
up to 25 MPa
porosity detector (high voltage)
up to 40kV
porosity detector (low voltage)
coating thickness gauge
50 – 1900 µm
climate meter
RH  (30, 60, 80)%
T (10, 23, 35)°C
100 µS/cm,
500 µS/cm,
1500 µS/cm,
10 mS/cm

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